[sword-devel] Curses port

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Tue, 8 Aug 2000 10:02:53 -0400 (EDT)


Help on the curses port is very much wanted.

Earlier I posted to this mailing list about this port.  Here is what I have
changed since my last post:

I realized that the choice of names 'zebra' is confusing or ambigous because
of other software by that name.  So instead I would like to call it 
'irenaeus' so there will be no confusion in the future.

Well, I fixed some of the glitches in the program, although there
are still several that I need to fix.  Now  multi-word searches should work.
Now there is a way to do a lookup from the results of a search.

So I have thrown together a program that needs lots of work. 

  Although it is a curses port, I would like to have it continue to support 
command line and cin/cout types of interfaces.  This permits its use and 
interaction with other programs.  The first example that I have, is an emacs 
mode. I have included an emacs mode (sword.el) that will call the irenaeus 
program and insert the returned bible verse, or list of references.
I have started working on an interactive interface (swordint.el) that
uses comint to pipe information between a running process, and an emacs 
buffer. (it doesn't work yet.)  So it uses emacs as a front end, and just
passes on the commands.  The advantage of this is to use all of software
for some well developed programs and have it easily integrate with sword.
(Has anyone here worked with Mule (part of emacs supporting other languages

I still don't have the write to commentary stuff working yet.

so I have the updated code at 

Should I set up a CVS repository?  Any preferences on how collaboration
is done?

Richard Holcombe