[sword-devel] A Word of Encouragement

Drewe Zanki sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 30 Apr 2000 20:13:52 +1000

Hey all out there.

I just wanted to encourage you - what an awesome project you are
working on!

I was a tester about a year ago (or more) and have just
rejoined - and what a difference it has made! Your program is
much more useable, and it looks really good. I really pray that
some of the other Bible publishers get behind you so that you can
publish some of the mainstream versions to the general public -
even if you have to just charge a small fee for the licence to
the version.

This is the kind of program that makes a difference to ministers
of the word as well as seekers - I minister a lot on the
Internet, directly to people though a weekly 'e-sermon' and also
through counselling people via email. I use Sword all the time as
it allows me more functionality that a bible and 5 textbooks,
with it all working faster and more seamlessly (not to mention
desk space). I just want you to know that something like this
helps us immensely, as we cannot afford these $200 Bible programs
just so we can search the Bible (and I have not seen any around
which also have all the features yours has at your fingertips)!

I pray that you will be encouraged that your work is not in vain,
and that you are all appreciated very much by those of us who use
your program.

Thank you and God Bless

Drewe Zanki