[sword-devel] WIN32 EXE

Dan Bertles sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 28 Apr 2000 13:06:26 -0500


With SWORD_C4, I have gotten the error twice while doing a lookup with NIV
for "God's love".  It's not consistent though.  Sometimes the program just
shuts down.

I haven't gotten the message with SWORD.EXE, but it shuts down just the

Other encrypted modules appear not to have a problem, just NIV.

This is all on NTSP5.  I will try on my home computer this weekend (Win95B)


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	> Application Error
	> Exception EaccessViolation in module sword_c4.exe at 0006CC19.
	> Access violation at address 0046CC19 in module 'sword_c4.exe'.
Write of
	> address 00D9C000
	> Using NTSP5

		does this happen immediately upon startup?  Does this also
happen with


	> Dan
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	>         Subject:        [sword-devel] WIN32 EXE
	>         For the last week I've been picking at RC4 to try and make
it break
	> or
	>         see if there are any other problems that I might find in
code logic.
	>         I've had no luck.  Here are my conclusions:
	>             I've placed a new binary of the 1.4.7 source tree
compile with
	>         CBuilder4.  Please see if this behaves any better for any
bug that
	> you
	>         still see in RC4.  The 2 URLS are as follows:
	> xe
	> 4.exe
	>         The former is the old RC4.  You may want to redownload if
you're not
	>         sure that you have the latest (don't compare file sizes,
they may
	> not
	>         have changed, please redownload before reporting bugs).
	>         The latter is built on the previous release of CBuilder--
version 4.
	>         The only outstanding bugs of which I know, that anyone's
	> are:
	>             o searching in NIV
	>             o personal commentary not working
	>         Both of these work fine for me under 98a and NT4SP5.
	>         I'm considering the slate clean, so please REPOST a bug
report if
	> you
	>         find any problems in sword.exe and then also report if the
	>         erroneous behaviour occurs in sword_c4.exe
	>         Thank you very much.  Also, if anyone finds that the two
features in
	>         question above work for them, please also post this
information with
	>         your OS info.  I'd like to confirm that it's not just me
for whom
	> things
	>         are working well.
	>         Let's get this wrapped up and send out CDs!  I can't wait
to get
	> things
	>         finished!!!  I feel so irresponsible with the backlog of
orders.  :(
	>         Everyone has been SOOOOOO helpful in this process.  I
can't express
	> how
	>         much I appreciate everyone's involvement.
	>             -Troy.
	>         PS.  I don't know if any of you remember my solicitation
for prayers
	> as
	>         I've been house hunting, but I think I've found a
responsible house
	> at a
	>         good purchase price and am trying to follow thru with all
the red
	> tape
	>         involved.  I still appreciate your prayers.  Also, my
folks are
	> trying
	>         to transition from fulltime employment, to opening a small
	> and
	>         have anxiously been awaiting word from the bank for
	> Again,
	>         your prayer are much appreciated-- for the funds and the
anxiety :)
	>         Praise God!  He's so good.