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28 Apr 2000 12:19:38 -0600

I hope this is what you mean. You may choose to not use this site. I would however like to 
link to Sword and if it can be done, a unix search site.

"Union Depot" <A HREF="http://www.comesurfthe.net/">www.comesurfthe.net</A>
Union Depot" <A HREF="http://www.comesurfthe.net/">www.comesurfthe.net</A>

Please let me know if this is what you want.
In Christ, 
Terry Lawson

> I'm updating the links page of www.bibletime.org .
> Do you have some links you want to have included ?
> You can include everything you like (christian music, online available books, windows bible 
programs, christian pages, search engines
> , unix BIble programs, christian scientific related pages, etc.)
> Please post me the links. They should be formatted like this (for easier inclusion in the 
> "Short description" <A HREF="URL">URL</A>
> e.g.: 
> "Corsswire Bible society" <A 
Corsswire Bible society" <A HREF="http://www.crosswire.org/">www.crosswire.org</A>
> Thanks!

Terry Lawson
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