[sword-devel] Windows testers feedback needed

Jerry Hastings sword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 18 Apr 2000 20:37:38 -0700

At 10:00 AM 4/17/2000 -0700, Jody J Panzica wrote:

>Thanks for the install Spec's what a concept.
>It might be a little tricky getting the browser info, but in all it
>shouldn't be a problem.
>For DCOM95 the only thing that concerned me was the export section.
>It also mentions (d) include a valid copyright notice on the Licensed
>Product sufficient to protect Microsoft's copyright in the SOFTWARE

We may not need DCOM95. It would only be needed on win95 systems without 
IE. If we can detect that configuration, a plain set of html files could be 
installed and the chm file not installed, so the DCOM95 would not be 
needed. Troy has made support for both the chm and index.htm. I think both 
the chm file and the html files should be installed except on win95 without 
IE, where only the html files would be installed.  If both are installed, 
it makes it ease to help people that have problems with the chm file. All 
they would have to do is delete the file and the html files will be displayed.