[sword-devel] Windows testers feedback needed

Dan Bertles sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 17 Apr 2000 09:47:51 -0500

Installing HHCTRL.OCX was extremely easy.  I don't have administrator
privileges and didn't know they were necessary.  I did an FTP search for the
) and downloaded it.  After that, I just copied the newer file to the system



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		I think if we nail down what needs to be updated, I can have
our help
	expert automatically upgrade HHCTRL.OCX or whatever.  Is the same
	used for 95, 98, nt4, and 2000?

		o Jerry, can you find the latest file[s] that need to be
updated on a
	system to run the chm help file and place it/them on the site and
post a
	message with links and detail exact instructions on where to copy

		o Jody, is this easy to do with installshield?

		o Brook and others, could you verify that the procedure does
indeed fix
	your problems?

		o Dan, maybe you could post the detailed steps you took to
solve the
	problem on NT4SP5

	Thanks everyone for all your contributions!  What a blessing! :)


	> >Regarding SWORD.CHM:  Using WinNT SP 4.51 and netscape, file
opens up in
	> >browser as gibberish.  Downloaded file and ran it, I got an OCX
	> >Downloaded more recent HHCTRL.OCX and copied into system
directory, worked
	> >fine.
	> >
	> >Ran SWORD.CHM in Win95b worked instantly.
	> >
	> >Have the same problems with book of Esther.
	> >
	> >Dan Bertles
	> Thanks for the info, Dan. It was good to hear that reinstalling
	> can make it work. The bad news is that from the reports we are
getting it
	> looks like MS has left the html help system very vulnerable to
	> I am beginning to think that html help could be a support
	> Jerry