[sword-devel] WIN32RC4 available

Jerry Hastings sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 16 Apr 2000 11:37:21 -0700

At 05:41 AM 4/16/2000 -0700, Brook humphrey wrote:
>2. help files still don't work (all i get is hh.exe program termination
>error. Just so you know the problem is probably with the sword.chm. If I
>goto the directory and click on it it makes hh.exe crash without even
>loading it from sword. Sword did not however load the index.html.

It may be with the file, but it works on other computers. I have two win98 
computers here and it works on both. Sword is installed only on one of them 
but the chm works on both.  I have not heard from any other win2000 users. 
It may be that there is a problem with chm on win2000 that I have not heard 
about.  There are some things you can try.

Try to open the following chm on the web. You don't need to save it, just 
try to open it.


If that will not open you have a problem opening chm files. If it did open 
then try to open sword.chm on the web.


If it opens download and save it again. There was probably an error while 
downloading the first time. If it will not open, give me more info about 
your system.  What version of Internet Explorer do you have? What language 
is your win2000 set for? What are the versions of your hhctrl.ocx and 
hh.exe files? (look in Windows and windows/system).