[sword-devel] Esther 1:1

Darren DeMeulenaere sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 14 Apr 2000 08:44:29 -0700

I was scrolling through all the books, book by book starting from Genisus, I
had the NIV showing.  When I came to Esther 1:1, all I showed was numbers with
no text.  I then clicked on the WEB and it showed it just fine.  I then
clicked on NASB, and it also showed numbers.  I clicked on NKJV and all my
other books I have and they came out fine.  I then went through chapter by
chapter, and nothing was showing up for Esther in the NIV or NASB.

Does someone else have this problem.  I just downloaded these books last
week.  This is on my Linux System, which is using Sword 1.5 and Bibletime .24,
this is also accuring in Cheatah.