[sword-devel] Sword.chm

Jerry Hastings sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 13 Apr 2000 19:52:50 -0700

Those of you who are trying the prerelease of 1.4.7 Win32 can also try the 
helps that go with it:


Just install it into the help folder under the folder you placed sword.exe 
in. It should be accessible from the Sword help menu-contents. The 
following is the section on the new Custom Range feature:

Custom Range

A Custom Range will limit a search to selected books or passages specified 
by the range. The range can be entered in the Range Field or selected from 
a list of predefined ranges by using the Custom Range Drop Down Button. A 
range of mat-john will limit a search to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. A 
range can also consist of other ranges separated by semicolons. The range, 
mar-luk; acts, will limit a search to Mark, Luke and Acts. A range can 
specify chapters and verses. The range, John 3-John 7:28, will limit a 
search to part of the book of John, chapters 3 through 6 and chapter 7 
through verse 28.

Note: A predefined range can not be used by entering the range name in the 
Range field. Predefined ranges must be selected from the Custom Range Drop 
Down list.

Note: When a predefined range is selected from the Custom Range Drop Down 
list, the name of the range, not the range data, is displayed in the Range 
Field. If the range, joh; i joh-iii; rev, with the name, John, is selected 
from the drop down list, only the range name, John, will be displayed in 
the Range Field, but all five books, John, 1John, 2John, 3John and 
Revelation will be searched. However, entering the name, John, in the Range 
Field, without using the drop down list, will cause only the book of John 
to be searched.

Note: When defining a range with a numbered book like, 2John, it is best to 
use the Roman numerals for book numbers. Use something like, iij or ii jon 
or II John for 2John.

Define Custom Range Button

While Scope is set to Custom Range, clicking on the Define Custom Range 
button will display the Maintain Custom Ranges window, where ranges can be 
defined, named, edited and saved to a list of predefined ranges. Click on 
an existing range name to edit that range, or click Add to create a new 
range. Enter the name for the range in the Range Name field for the range 
being defined . The name will be added to the list displayed by the Custom 
Range Drop Down Button. Enter the range data in the Range Text field. As 
you enter the data in the Range Text field the panel below it will show how 
the data is being interpreted. Click on Save to save the range, or the 
information will be lost. To remove a range from the list, click on the 
name of the range and then click Remove.