[sword-devel] Install bug (win32)

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 11 Apr 2000 14:36:23 -0700

> I have normally run Sword from the CD I burned from the ISO, but today I
> went to install it to the hard drive and found a bug. It searched my hard
> drive and reported that it found a previous version it could install over.
> Probelm is, the previous version was in C:\Program Files\SwordSearcher -- a
> different Bible program. Perhaps the installer needs to be updated to be a
> bit more selective. :-)

	:)  I'm guessing that your software registers itself with windows under
the binary name sword.exe
This is the same executable name that we register. :)  I'll look into
adding an extra check beyond the executable name.  Actually this
'upgrade' feature was added to the installer to move users from our old
configuration method using a mods.conf file to the newer mods.d/
directory of individual mod config files.  The setup with migrate their
installed module set to the newer configuration.  I don't suppose many
people are still upgrading from versions that far back.  It's been a
year or so now.  Having said all this, we may consider just removing the
'upgrade' check.

	Thanks for reporting the ambiguity!