[sword-devel] ISO progress

Joachim Ansorg sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 9 Apr 2000 23:56:55 +0000

I'll post a note when it's commited.


>it was with the old iso I'm hoping the new one works as I miss
>Joachim Ansorg wrote:
>> H webmedic aka Brook!
>> >here goes and a farewell.
>> >First sword 1.4.6 is the last that will compile on my mandrake 7.0
>> >system.
>> >Second the iso. will install just just fine on my system but bibletime
>> >was not working. Chetah did work.
>> Which iso? Today Troy will today commit a new statically linked BibleTime 0.23 which does only require GLIBC2.
>> >Third Since I'm not a programmer (Basically if it doesn't compile on my
>> >system I have no idea were to start accept to list the error's here. I
>> >program websites(php) not c)
>> Feel free to post the error messages here.
>> >I'm not sure how much help I am.
>> >Forth I will be shutting down my internet accounts over the next week.
>> Ohh :-(
>> >I would still like to help but other that phone calls and snail mail I
>> >won't be of much help. Troy some of my rpm's need to have the
>> >permissions changed but they work ok like they are. With the iso it
>> >pretty much obsoletes the need for rpm's for the modules. I like the
>> >iso.
>> >
>> >These are the ways in which i still may be able to help.
>> >1. if i can get the current cd's i can test them on allot of different
>> >linux system(mandrake is just my favorite) this includes mandrake, red
>> >hat(but this is what you use isn't troy),slackware, caldera, corel,
>> >suse(not sure of a need for this either as the bibletime team mostly use
>> >this) and I may try freebsd and debian one of these days.
>> This is great! I think Troy or somebody else will post you CDs to test!
>> >if there is anything else I can do let me know. God bless you all.
>> I really want to thank you for all your work (RPMs etc... )!
>> Thank you very much for your help on bt-devel and your offers to help!
>> Thanks for everything else I forgot!
>> -- Joachim
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