[sword-devel] ISO progress

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sat, 08 Apr 2000 15:16:33 -0700

> I'm using the fonts I got on the SWORD page (I'm not using the TTF fonts, but the included Type1 fonts).
> I'm using the script "type1inst" to recreate the lsts containing the fonts used for X11.
> I think it's good idea to put the script on CD. It's a very useful tool.
> I think it's on freshmeat. If not mail me and I'll post it.

I'm not sure what all this means.  Are you saying that you have a script
that copies the correct fonts the X11 fonts directory and does a
mkfontdir on the directory?  Or something else?  In anycase, a
HOWTO.linuxfonts would be excellent! :)

> I think there should be the README of BIbleTime 0.2x.

Yes.  Feel free to place a README.bibletime or anything else on the CD
anywhere you think it fits.  I'm going to make the HOWTO directory after
sending this email.  please everyone upload, or email to someone that
can upload, any howtos you feel are helpful.

> >       o Bibletime: anyone from the bibletime list with a CD that installs...
> >               Would it be possible to replace the /bibletimebase.tar.gz file
> >               with the latest stuff that you want to release and test an
> >               install?  Then update the file on CrossWire's site (or email me
> >               if you don't have access.  Also, there are a few directories that
> >               need populated with the lastest stuff: PACKAGES, SOURCE.
> Ok, I'll to do what I can. But I havn't a fast connection to the internat and the www is expensive in Germany :-(

	No, don't spend expensive online time doing stuff that is free for us
to do.  I just don't know what works and what doesn't and what should be
on the CD for bibletime.  I just need you (or someone) to build a new
bibletimebase (just a tar file of all the files required for bibletime)
and replace the bibletimebase file that is on a LOCAL copy of the CD
(even an older copy of the CD) and try it out and be sure everything is
installed correctly and works (on a clean box).  If it works, just let
me know and I will put the file on the CD.  About the other stuff:  just
give me an email with links to the appropriate files on your site that
you want included on the CD eg.

http://www.bibletime.de/Download/0.23/bibletime-0.23-1.i386.rpm ->
http://www.bibletime.de/private/README -> /README.bibletime


> Perhaps a good idea to put the sources bibletime-0.3 in the BETA directory ? If yes, I'll upload a source package to www.bibletime.de .

YES!  You guys are doing some cool stuff.  Let's get people interested.

> >                       Did setup run in GUI / gtk mode or text mode?
>         gtk mode


> >                       Did InstallMgr run and work?
>         InstallMgr doesn't start. I got a GNOME message that the app crashed

Drag.  Have you tried running it from a shell and seeing if you get any
more useful information?

> >                       Did any of the software work or not work?
>         InstallMgr

I will put the static link of InstallMgr on the CD soon.  Since it seems
your distro includes gcc and not egcs, you probably won't be able to
build the VCL libs.  I've placed a link to a precompiled libVCL.a
It's about 530K gzipped:


maybe you could build a static compile of installmgr and try it on your
SUSE box.

> >                       Did you have to login as root or merely su -?
>         Both are working
> I tried the installation again and noticed that the permissions of the KDE menu entry files are _OK_. Sorry for the trouble.

Good deal!

	Thanks for your willingness to help!