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The sword, hilt up, the cross head up, the same shape, one before the
other.&nbsp; The cross is the premptive violent strike, of maximum
violence against death, sins, dogood works for salvation, evil, all
religion without Christ, and Satan himself.&nbsp; A huge surprise
explosion of divine power against those evil forces.&nbsp;&nbsp; More
power in that explosion of power than in all the nuclear weapons
ever.&nbsp; Nukes could not do what was done on the cross.<br>
At 02:30 PM 03/31/2000 -0800, you wrote: <br>
<font size=2><blockquote type=cite cite>I'd get rid of the sword
(violence) and the computer (geeky).&nbsp; Other than that, it's fine
&lt;g&gt;</font><font size=3> <br>
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</font><font size=2>darwin@ichristian.com wrote:</font><font size=3>
</font><font size=2>&gt; </font><br>
<font size=2>&gt; Joachim Ansorg writes:</font><font size=3> <br>
</font><font size=2>&gt; </font><br>
<font size=2>&gt; ...</font><font size=3> <br>
</font><font size=2>&gt; &gt; My brother updated the renederd SWORD
image:</font><font size=3> <br>
</font><font size=2>&gt; &gt;</font><font size=3> <br>
</font><font size=2>&gt; &gt;
<a href="http://www.bibletime.de/images/sword-logo.jpg"><font size=2>http://www.bibletime.de/images/sword-logo.jpg</a></font><font size=3>
</font><font size=2>&gt; </font><br>
<font size=2>&gt; I like the changes.&nbsp; I have only looked at it so far with 256 colors, but I</font><font size=3> <br>
</font><font size=2>&gt; will look again from home.&nbsp; Did he change the laptop to make it look more</font><font size=3> <br>
</font><font size=2>&gt; like a book, or did I notice it because I knew what to expect?</font><font size=3> <br>
</font><font size=2>I think he made it look more like a book.</font><font size=3> <br>
</font><font size=2>Paul</font><font size=3> <br>
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