[sword-devel] Encryption/decryption (was: WOW)

Paul Gear sword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 23 Nov 1999 22:18:17 +0000

"Troy A. Griffitts" wrote:

> Just got back from COMDEX.  Nice to see all the posts.
> Just to dispell some rumors... :)
>   o     All versions of SWORD build fine (and by default) without sapphire.

Could you explain _how_?  I have not found this to be the case with 1.4.5, and
it is certainly not disabled by default.  Witness the following output from
make in the top-level directory on a vanilla 1.4.5 install:

> make[1]: Entering directory `/share/build/sword-1.4.5/utilities'
> /bin/sh -ec 'gcc -MM -MG -I../include/ -D_GNU_SOURCE -DNDEBUG
> ciphertest2.cpp | sed '\''s/ciphertest2\.o/& ciphertest2.d/g'\'' >
> ciphertest2.d'
> /bin/sh -ec 'gcc -MM -MG -I../include/ -D_GNU_SOURCE -DNDEBUG ciphertest.cpp
> | sed '\''s/ciphertest\.o/& ciphertest.d/g'\'' > ciphertest.d'
> /bin/sh -ec 'gcc -MM -MG -I../include/ -D_GNU_SOURCE -DNDEBUG cipherraw.cpp
> | sed '\''s/cipherraw\.o/& cipherraw.d/g'\'' > cipherraw.d'
> /bin/sh -ec 'gcc -MM -MG -I../include/ -D_GNU_SOURCE -DNDEBUG lexdump.c |
> sed '\''s/lexdump\.o/& lexdump.d/g'\'' > lexdump.d'
> make[1]: Leaving directory `/share/build/sword-1.4.5/utilities'
> make[1]: Entering directory `/share/build/sword-1.4.5/utilities'
> make[1]: *** No rule to make target `cipherrawld.o', needed by
> `cipherrawld'.  Stop.
> make[1]: Leaving directory `/share/build/sword-1.4.5/utilities'
> make: *** [utilities/targets] Error 2

>   o     the RPM and WIN32 binaries include only _decipher_ support of
>         sapphire builtin, thus making them legally exportable

This is a good point.  Correspondingly, it should not be illegal to export the
source code for decryption software.  This would probably get around most of
the concerns i raised in my first email about our use of Sapphire.  MPJ, what
is your opinion on this?  Is my understanding about encryption vs. decryption
correct?  If so, would it be possible for you to package up a decrypt-only
version of Sapphire that would be legal for export?

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