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Why thank you!  And Happy New Year to you and yours as well.  My God bless
and keep you this coming year and for all to come.


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and season's greetings

| Merry Christmas to you, Skip, and a blessed millenium.
| Fran Morris
| The Hard-To-Find Book Store
| At 09:43 PM 12/24/1999 -0600, you wrote:
| >Well howdy howdy folks!  Everybody's favorite redneck loudmouth is back!!
| >Sorry I dropped off the face of the planet lately.  I was busy getting
| >for the holidays and taking care of responsibilities outside the matrix.
| >any rate I logged on and was smothered beneath a kurgan* of emails from
| >[sword-devel] alone.  At first look about 100 or so.  I think I'm just
| >to try to fake it and play "catch-up" without going through them all.
| >thing I *did* notice was someone wanting to start a "free the bible"
| >campaign to try to get Zondervan (owners of Beavis and Butthead), Nelson,
| >et. al. to relax their restrictions on use of their "copyrighted"
| >translations of GOD's Word.  I'm not sure if anything formal has been
| >started to that end but I am indeed in favor of it and would like to help
| >where needed.  I know at least the "letter-writing" aspect of it but if
| >anything more structured is in the works let me know what I can do.
| >(*For those that are curious, the word of the day is "kurgan".  "Kurgan"
| >an ancient Schythian word meaning "burial mound".  One of many absolutely
| >useless facts that I remember.  Too bad I can't remember when my auto
| >insurance payment is due.)
| >
| >Also, I'd like to take this opportunity to wish you all GOD's blessings
| >a showering of the love of Christ Jesus on this Christmas as you
| >spend it with your loved ones.  Merry Christmas all!
| >
| >Now, as promised, I actually have a "technical" question that actually
| >being on this mail thread.  I am perhaps asking a no-brainer here and
| >like a moron.  However I have yet to see this addressed in the forum
| >I've been signed up.  My biggest *personal* thrill about the Sword
| >is my ability to actually write my own commentaries on the Word of GOD
| >may be hopefully used to further the growth of the body of Christ here on
| >Earth.  To this end is also my problem.  I am unsure how to rename the
| >personal commentary module to something more specific so that I may
| >more Personal Commentary modules and work on more than one at  a time.
| >Something tells me that it is a tad  more complicated than a simple
| >file" command.  If this has been addressed already and I'm merely
flogging a
| >dead horse then I apologize but any assistance in this matter will be
| >greatly appreciated.
| >
| >Also, something I've been trying to do lately is to get bibles (paper,
| >electronic, software, *any* medium) and other Christian literature into
| >Russia, China, and India.  Any and all prayers in this matter would also
| >much obliged.
| >
| >I think I've babbled on (no pun intended) long enough.  Merry Christmas
| >all, and to all a good night!
| >
| >GOD Bless,
| >In Christ Jesus,
| >Pergamum (Skip)
| >
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