[sword-devel] Thesaurus

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Thu, 30 Dec 1999 18:40:04 GMT

I have enjoyed the messages concerning the use of a thesaurus type search,
and I remember ideas skirting my ideas.  I would love the ability to search
on several different levels.  Using the example of "jewel" that was
discussed earlier, I will try to show what I would find ideal (until I
learn otherwise).

I would like a tree constructed for a variety of search possibilities.

The first is obvious, and it is peers, also known as synonyms.  This could
include words like gem.

The second is to search for the word and its "descendents".  This would
include words like ruby and opal.

The third is to search for the word and its "predecessors".  This would
include words like stone.  The next level up could include mineral.

The syntax for such possibilities is a key issue that I haven't considered
yet, I am open to almost anything.

There are of course quesitons of scope, and there should be a default scope
(x levels) set in a configuration file.  The user should be prompted to
expand or narrow the search using some reasonable dialog.

I don't know if these items are assumed in the discussion of a thesaurus
lookup, but I thought I would throw in my opinion early in the process.

   Darwin Gregory

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