[sword-devel] search idea

Jerry Hastings sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 23 Dec 1999 17:06:16 -0700

At 06:17 PM 12/23/1999 -0000, Daniel Glassey wrote:
>I don't know if any other programs can do this yet but it would be 
>great if you could do more complicated searches. Like search for 
>words in the same 'sentence' or 'paragraph' or 'section' as well as 
>verses and chapters. Boolean searches (I'm not certain but I don't 
>think it's in there yet) would be great as well.
>Does anyone know how these might be done?

Support for regular expressions also supports this to a degree. By using
the regular expression ".*" between two strings you can locate where the
second string follows the first on a line and is separated by zero or more
characters. The vertical bar, |, in a regular expression is the symbol for
logical OR. But regular expression searches work with lines, not sentences
or paragraphs. Depending on how a file was formatted a line could be a
sentence, verse or paragraph. In most Bible texts it will be a verse.

The Mult Word search as used in the win front end is a logical AND. 

But, you are right. A search that has easy to use boolean operators and can
set proximity to a number of words, lines, verses, or paragraphs would be a
nice feature.