[sword-devel] RTF format

Trevor Jenkins sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 23 Dec 1999 20:35:10 +0000

On Thursday, 23 December, 1999 19:16:30, Joachim Ansorg <Jockel123@gmx.de>

> I'm interested to craete a RTF-to-HTML filter.
> Does anybody know where a format description of the RTF format is?

Is this *the* RTF (Rich Text Format) as used by Microsoft? If so the format
is available from the MS web site (a quick search for RTF will probably find
it) alternatively it's on the TechNet CDs. I don't have my Technet CDs at
home (stuck in my Compaq office) so I can't grab the file for you. I might
have an old copy on a separate machine but I can't remember where.

However, there is a conceptual isue here. RTF is a procedural markup
language whereas HTML is a descriptive markup language. Trust me I know. I
was part of the ISO committee that devised SGML---that same committee is now
responsible for HTML.

Regards, Trevor

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