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On Thursday, 23 December, 1999 05:50:31, N & RJ Hanscamp 
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> One of the best resources for this sort of material (preaching / worship) is
> Jenee Woodard's www.textweek.com
> She provides HEAPS of links, based on the Revised common lectionary 3 year
> cycle.  If you preach regularly, or take some interest in Christian resources
> on the Web, this is worth subscribing to.   And its free!!
> Nigel
> Nigel Hanscamp
> Trinity Methodist Theological College
> Auckland Consortium of Theological Education, New Zealand
> Email: hanscamps@paradise.net.nz

Not yet visited this site but will do as this message goes out. It could be
a useful addition to the list of Christian search sites that Jerry Hastings
sent out recently.

As Jan 1 comes around it's a convenient moment to commence a new reading
plan such as the three year lectionary one refered to above. My intention is
to follow Cover to Cover http://www.cover2cover.org/, which I used nearly 15
years ago in its original edition. I'm also planning to recommence my first
go through of "Search the Scriptures"---a three year study plan from IVP.

For those interested in the Bible Greek list itself here's some pointers. It
is an academic rather than devotional list. Not every one who subscribes to
it is a believer.

> B-Greek home page: http://sunsite.unc.edu/bgreek
> To subscribe, send a message to subscribe-b-greek@franklin.oit.unc.edu

Regards, Trevor

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