[sword-devel] Mac version

Daniel Glassey sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 22 Dec 1999 14:10:41 -0000

I'm kinda working on a wxWindows port which will work on 
linux(gtk), windows, mac and os2 (and more if the library gets 
ported to more things), but I don't have a mac available.

Is there any chance you (or anyone else around) have a development 
environment on mac and could try things out?

wxMac homepage


On 22 Dec 99, at 11:56, Trevor Jenkins sent forth the message:

> After only a brief check of the source code I can't see anything for
> the Mac. There is mention of MacOS/System 7 skills being needed on the
> web page but that's all. :-(
> As my home intranet is Windows, Linux and Mac based I'm an advocate of
> portable "products", especially if the file formats are identical. But
> the one platform that I know won't be supported is the Psion series 3.
> There's not enough storage space on those palmtops for the text let
> alone anything to read it with.
> So is anyone working on a Mac port? Or am I once more the herectic?:-)