[sword-devel] Bug: Greek Text Errors

Ed Sylvis sword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 21 Dec 1999 23:47:14 -0700

Upon examining the text in the modules wh, whnu, byz, lxx, & umgreek I
found that all of them contain errors for the assigned fonts they were
using. wh, whnu, & byz using the Symbol font have the wrong sigma at the
ends of words, and chi & xi are swapped. lxx uses the Symbol font and
has the wrong sigma at the ends of words. umgreek, which uses a separate
font has too many erros to list. I looked through multiple fonts, but I
couldn't find any that would produce the correct spelling. If there is a
font available that works for these texts I certainly can't find it...
if there is, please let me know. If there isn't, I have processed all of
the above greek texts to produce the correct spelling using the standard
Symbol font. I'm new to the development forum and I'm not sure where to
go from here. I'd be more than happy to upload the corrected modules if
they can be used by others. Thanks and God bless.

    -Ed Sylvis