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Trevor Jenkins sword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 21 Dec 1999 18:46:51 +0000

On Tuesday, 21 December, 1999 07:20:41, Torsten Uhlmann <TUhlmann@debis.com>

> I thought about the idea of making use of christian search engines from
> within BibleTime. So this may be a bit off topic to SWORD but since you
> are the largest bunch of christians on the net I know I thought you
> might know :)
> Is there something like a (or more) christian search engines that one
> can use like dictionary, commentary etc. Like giving a phrase or a verse
> and the engine gives back links to resources which I can study further?

I was about to introduce myself to the list when Torsten's message arrived.
:-) For most of my programming career I worked in R&D and sales of a major
text retrieval company. You might have heard of the company Paralog AB or
their product TRIP. The company went bankrupt several years ago but the
product was picked up by PCdocs in one of their rounds of acquistions.

I know a little about search engines and things. :-) Though some people
might consider me a heretic. :-)) Whilst I never worked with or studied
under Witten, Moffat and Bell (Managing Gigabytes) I agree with their use of
hash tables and no stop lists. In that respect they too are heretics. :-))

Regards, Trevor

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