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The following few messages are some samples of letters that I have sent
to Bible Societies and copyright holders OUTSIDE of the United States. 
As you can see, I am inept at correspondence outside of America :) 
PLEASE take this issue into your own hands! :)  I have received no
correspondence in response to these messages.

At one point in time nearly 3 years now, Me and several individuals from
the UBS and GBS had delegations regarding the N27U4 module.  The UBS
claimed that we WOULD be able to get permission to distribute, but had
to go thru the GBS as they were the official copyright holders.  After
nearly ONE YEAR of messages back and forth, some new individual in
charge of electronic distribution at the GBS-- in very bad english (but
not as bad as my german)-- asked us to immediately cease distribution
and he would have no part in granting us permission to distribute.  He
obviously had not read any of the correspondence (even though I had seen
his name in the CC: of most of the message), because we HAD ceased to
distribute ONE YEAR prior, upon first correspondence with the UBS, as
they requested for us to seek official permission first.

I gave up, until trying once again with the recent message that you'll
see in my forwards (I was hoping someone else might be in charge over
there now).

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To: AvdBerg@bijbelgenootschap.nl
Subject: The Dutch Netherlands Bijbelgenootschap Vertaling 1951
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        Please forgive my correspondence in English.

        I want to thank you for your work on the The Dutch Netherlands
Bijbelgenootschap Vertaling 1951.

        I am the director of The CrossWire Bible Society.  Our
organization leads OpenSource efforts focused on developing free Bible
software and tools.  Our tools work under a variety of Operating Systems
including Microsoft Windows, Linux/X11, and Web-based interfaces.

        We have recently converted your text to work with our text
retrieval engine and would like to gain your permission to make this
plugin module available to the general public.

        All of our work is available under the GNU General Public
License (GPL).  This means that others may obtain source code and freely
modify and distribute our work as long as any derivative remain free
THE GNU GPL.  Only that our software and derivatives thereof remain
under these terms.

        Our organization exists to provide free Bible tools to
individuals as well as Bible societies and other ministries.  If God
might use us to assist your organization in any way to further His
kingdom, please let us know.  Some opportunities in which you may be
interested include: distributing an electronic bundle of your work using
our software for text utilization, or making your text available and
searchable via the World Wide Web using our Web-based interface.

        You may review our organization and our work at the following


        Looking forward to your response.  In His service,

                -Troy A. Griffitts
                CrossWire Bible Society

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Tempe, AZ  85280-2528

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