[sword-devel] CD ISOs?

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Mon, 20 Dec 1999 17:44:47 -0800

On Mon, 20 Dec 1999, Troy A. Griffitts wrote:
     TA> Excellent IDEA.  I will post one as very shortly.
     TA> Did anyone see the email about the RPM for one of our users throwing
     TA> cores around all the time?  Anyone have any ideas about this?  Anyone
     TA> with similar experiences?

As far as I can tell the problem has to do with permissions when bibletime is
used as a user and not root also the files need to be chmoded to 775. The rpm's
I built take care of this already. They use root user and sword group. all
that is required is to groupadd sword into a shell before any of the modules
are installed. I am going to work on a shell script that should do this
automatically.  The only thing left is to give the user access to the sword
group. One problem with this approach is that all the users on the system have
access to the same personal commentary.  

     TA> Maybe empty config info does this?
     TA> Chris Little wrote:
     TA> > 
     TA> > I keep seeing a lot of interest in CDs of SWORD come through the support
     TA> > list.  Do you think it would be beneficial to post a burnable ISO image of
     TA> > the SWORD CD?  So many people have burners now-a-days and posting ISOs is
     TA> > becoming a popular trend with many Linux distributions.
     TA> > 
     TA> > We might want to hold off until module compression is working (or is it
     TA> > already?) and implemented to keep the server load down, though.
     TA> > 
     TA> > --Chris Little
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