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Mon, 20 Dec 1999 13:45:32 -0700

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Once again, denial...
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Dear Troy,
Thank you for the expanded information.  While the SWORD Project sounds like a tremendous ministry, I'm sorry to inform you that we will not be able to grant permission to use clips from the "JESUS" film.  Our rights prohibit its inclusion in any production which will be sold or widely distributed.   Basically, rights are granted to live productions, and then only two minutes total footage.  
I trust you will be able to find a suitable alternative and I wish you God's blessings on this project!


>>> "Troy A. Griffitts" <scribe@crosswire.org> 12/17/99 01:51AM >>>
	We host an open source project called The SWORD Project in which we
work with software developers around the globe to produce Bible software
that is then placed in the public domain free for anyone to use and
copy.  As there are a number of Bible translations, lexicons,
dictionaries, and commentaries available for our software-- over 140
currently, many people choose to order CD-ROMs of our software rather
than download from our website.  We also produce and give these CD-ROMs
to colleges, college students, and any organization willing to pay our
cost to produce the CDs.  Since we place the CD in the public domain,
any organization is free to obtain and produce copies of the CD
themselves.  Today, we can produce these CDs in quantities of 1000 for
about 73c each.  This makes an attractive new media for evangelism tools
for many organizations.

	Being involved in CCC at ASU for many years, and now having close
friends on staff with CCC, I know how valuable The "JESUS" Film is in
evangelism.  We would like to include a 5 minute, or so, 'video tract'--
Four Spiritual Laws, if you will-- in AVI or RA format that may be
viewed immediately upon inserting the CDROM.  This would so greatly
improve the evangelism factor of these CDs.

Our software runs on Windows 95, 98, NT, & 2000, Solaris, and Linux,
making it ideal for a University setting.  We are working on a pure Java
version that will cover Macs and any other Java supported platform
also.  With the variety of languages that both of our efforts support, I
can't begin to think of an asset as valuable as The "JESUS" Film.

	Hope this gives you a better understanding of our goal and desires. 
Thank you for your consideration,

	-Troy A. Griffitts.


Connie Veldkamp wrote:
> Troy,
> I'm not sure I understand.  Do you mean CD or CD-ROM?  In other words, do you want to use audio or video footage?
> Thanks!
> Connie