[sword-devel] CD ISOs?

webmedic sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 19 Dec 1999 15:55:50 -0800

That sounds interesting to me but I only have 350 megs of space on my site. and
about 80 megs of modules up there already. What kind of compression will you be
using? Just a few notes from the linux side bz2 works by far the best,
especially when used with tar. Also the enciphered modules don't compress at
all no matter what is used. Both gunzip and bzip2 actually make files that are
larger than the originals. 

If anyone would like to check out what is already there check out
ftp.thelinuxstop.com. I would also like any comments as to weather there are
any problems with these. I have all the packages made into rpm's and srpm's
accept for the losung modules. if anyone would like to see the others up there
let me know. The only two packages made specifically for mandrake are sword and
bibletime the others should work on any linux system.

If I get more space available I will post an iso for the modules I have

  Sun, 19 Dec 1999, you wrote:
> I keep seeing a lot of interest in CDs of SWORD come through the support
> list.  Do you think it would be beneficial to post a burnable ISO image of
> the SWORD CD?  So many people have burners now-a-days and posting ISOs is
> becoming a popular trend with many Linux distributions.
> We might want to hold off until module compression is working (or is it
> already?) and implemented to keep the server load down, though.
> --Chris Little
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