[sword-devel] Douai Version & Apocrypha

Brandon Staggs sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sat, 18 Dec 1999 23:03:34 -1000

> I'll leave such arguments alone, but I will comment that I once heard the
> prominent evangelical pastor, teacher, and president of Dallas Theological
> Seminary, Rev. Chuck Swindoll, quoting something from the Apocrypha,
> because it provided useful background for the Bible study he was
> presenting. If such a prominent and trusted Protestant theologian found it
> useful, then I really don't think it should bother any of us to allow the
> search and display of these books. They can always be excluded from
> searches when a narrower search is desired with a simple check box.

Not to mention the KJV translators including them between the testaments
(not as part of the Old). Perhaps a clear disclaimer explaining why the
books are not considered part of the Bible would suffice.