[sword-devel] Hebrew Index help

Yeshiah Zalman sword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 14 Dec 1999 14:42:37 -0500

OK I have been working on the HEbrew Modules in solving our Right2left problem. I now have 2 Hebrew Texts done. One for English
windows and One for Hebrew windows. Sword can display Hebrew PROPERLY in Hebrew windows using my Israeli version.

Now my problem. I am a theologian more than a Cprogrammer. I do my work in VB. I only started in Cbuilder because of this project.
I need someone ( Troy cant do everythign though he has been INVALIABLE THUSFAR) to design a CBuilder project for an Indexer which
can take a lexicon text in this format

HebrewWord<TAB or Space>Definition
HebrewWord<TAB or Space>Definition
HebrewWord<TAB or Space>Definition

and create a Lexicon. WHY? I need a Lexicon using the Exact Hebrew ISO coding as my Hebrew Text. This will allow word lookup for
those using this Hebrew Module for bible study. click a hebrew word you dont know and look it up. My module also allows searching
for Hebrew words. this is better than Strongs. you simply need a way to type Hebrew (Which I wrote a VB program for that) or copy
the Hebrew word from the Text module.

Anyone able to Help here?