[sword-devel] comments on SWORD from the outside...

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 12 Dec 1999 12:34:47 -0700

Thanks Chris,

	Super user interface and flexibility?  What's that about?  Who is this
Friar anyway? :)  Actually though, I would love to hear WHAT it is that
he uses in OLB that we don't give him in a better interface so that we
might improve.


> I found the following on the the Online Bible's user discussion board.
> Someone apparently thinks OLB has a superior interface & flexibility.  (I'll
> assume they're comparing to the Windows FE.)  I'm a little confused by this
> since I can't say that I've ever run into a worse interface than OLB's, but
> I thought I'd pass it on that we are getting some mention out there...
> --Chris Little
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------
> OLB Wishlist
> From: Fr. Montgomery
> Date: 12/7/99
> Time: 5:06:41 PM
> Remote Name:
> Comments
> I have noticed that another free bible program (the SWORDProject) has a
> couple of free, public-domain (or at least offered as free downloads)
> modules that are not available in OLB yet. I believe these would be useful,
> at least to me if they were available in OLB. OLB has a superior user
> interface and flexibility. In particular, I would like to see OLB modules
> for:
> 1. Brenton's LXX English translation (with Apocrypha) 2. the Douay-Rheims
> Version (useful in documenting development of the Bible in English) 3.
> Thayer's Greek lexicon (public domain?) 4. B-D-B Hebrew lexicon (public
> domain?) 5. International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (public domain?) 6.
> the New American Bible (NAB Catholic Version - not public domain)
> If not in public domain, I would be willing to pay royalty/licensing fees
> for such. What is the possibility of getting such for the OLB? Thanks for
> any help, suggestions, etc.