[sword-devel] Copyright Scripture distribution

George Washington Dunlap III sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sat, 11 Dec 1999 20:55:08 +0200 (EET)

On Sat, 11 Dec 1999, Birger Langkjer wrote:
> Turkish uses latin letters since Kemal Ataturk. I believe it is
> ISO-8859-1 In other words the problem is not so big here, but Unicode
> may be usefull for other modules like greek extended, chinese and a
> host of other non-european languages and multiligual documents, see
> for example http://members.xoom.com/langkjer/teaching.xml

Turkish does have some unusual (although internally consistent) letters
though -- lowercase i's without dots (as well as i's with dots), uppercase
I's with dots (as well as without dots), s's with cedilles (the little
tails like you see on some French c's), g's with hats(^).  Are these
included in ISO-8859-1?

Just curious.