[sword-devel] Bibletime and fonts

Torsten Uhlmann sword-devel@crosswire.org
08 Dec 1999 11:52:33 +0100

>>>>> "Troy" == Troy A Griffitts <scribe@crosswire.org> writes:

    Troy> Hey, the font management thing looks really neat.  How do I
    Troy> use it? :)

    Troy> I have added my truetype wingreek font to my X server to
    Troy> display NU with accents and breathers.  How do I associate
    Troy> this module with this font?

    Troy> 	Great work Joachim and Torsten!

    Troy> 		-Troy.

I've actually never tried it yet :) This was Joachims work, I'm sure he
know how it works :)

Torsten Uhlmann

Wise men still seek him.