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Mr. Lusk,
Since I really can't tell from your letter whom you are speaking to so it
makes it hard to respond.  One thing does indeed trouble me however that you
would ask that the discussion end since you don't agree with the views of
one or more of us in it.  The discussion concerns the very right to do GOD's
commandment and to spread His Word accordingly.  Zondervan, et. al. did not
commission these translation but rather paid for the rights to put their
name on the manuscript.  I am not saying they should not make money for
their efforts.  I'm simply saying that they shouldn't forbid the use of the
actual Scriptural text.  It is immoral and wrong.
Or perhaps you are referring to the topic of the KJV vs. other versions?  On
that regard I merely stated a fact that there are many out there that are
mislead into believing KJV is the only valid word of GOD.  Being a
Shakespeare buff and actually being a bookworm I particularly enjoy the
artistic elegance of the KJV so I have nothing bad to say about it.  I do
however find it insulting that people have so little faith in GOD's
unchanging nature as to think He would neglect His promise to protect the
sanctity of His Word after the KJV was completed is insane.
In either regard both these topics, regardless of your stance on them, are
indeed of relevance to the development of the SWORD Project.  If we are
relegated to only the KJV, Latin Vulgate, and Greek/Hebrew versions in
public domain; or if they are forced to only use English versions like WEB
and the like, which are relatively unfamiliar texts to the majority, it
would limit the use and effectiveness of the SWORD Project to only the
intellectually elite.
I can however see in one regard your statement if you are calling it
"off-topic" simply because it is not technical in content.  Perhaps yet
another "forum" is in necessity.  I however think that the "subject" field
in the letter should make the content clear enough to let people know
whether the letter is "technical" in nature.  Thus enabling them to not have
to read debates they do not wish to participate in.

GOD's Peace, Blessing, and Guidance on you all.

In Christ Jesus,
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Subject: Re: [sword-devel] Copyrighted Texts Summary

> I respectfully ask that this discussion be brough to an end on this list.
> is clearly off-topic (far more so than the legal issues originally
> discussed).
> Not to mention that I am having a very difficult time not joining in,
> I disagree completely with your statements on this subject! :-)
> -Brandon (A KJV-O kind of guy, or so called!)
> http://staggs.pair.com
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> From: Yeshiah Zalman <shayah@gatecom.com>
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> Subject: Re: [sword-devel] Copyrighted Texts Summary
> > >>> to bash anyone that read ANY translation other than King James
> > and declare with full authority that these people were part of the Great
> > Deception and essentially hellbound.
> >
> > I have had my fill of those arguments as well. In my case this guys
> arguments were lunacy! and Laughable. But my point still stands.
> > a translation is still a translaion. and EVERY translation has sever
> doctrinal Errors. And people like these kjv only people
> > exploint the flaws of the others (ie niv nasb) yet ignore those of the
> kjv.
> >
> > Our Father in Heaven DOES guarrantee to protect His Word (psa 138.2 for
> thou hast magnified thy word above all thy name.)
> >
> > but remember. HIS Word was not in english. Notice as I mention that in
> 3000 years. The Hebrew changes were practically nill and
> > those that did occur, NEVER altered the meaning of the Text.   THE ame
> NOT be said with translations. Scripture is protected rom
> > ABOVE. while translations are protected by copyright!
> >
> > THAT is the point we are dealing with...
> > Before this thread strays to far and my cat grabs the ball!
> >
> > Not KJV-ONLY but BHS-only  hehehe
> > sorry, I just love history and archaeology!
> > And Truth
> > Yeshiah

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