[sword-devel] SUPPORT LISTS

Franklin Bratcher sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 02 Dec 1999 00:43:08 -0600

"Troy A. Griffitts" wrote:
> I would like to propose opening a new list: sword-support
> The purpose for the list would be for some of you who have been around
> for a while to join.  I will have all sword-feedback, sword-bugs,
> etc., mail forwarded to the list and we can each have the opportunity to
> reply to the many support messages each day that we get.  I can't seem
> to keep up, and while trying, I have had no time to spend coding.
> When responding we can 'Reply To All' so that our response will be sent
> to the inquirer and the list to let us know that the message was
> answered.
> Any thoughts?  Would anyone be willing to participate?
>         -Troy.
> PS. This forward is for Torsten or Joachim :)
While I am not a programmer, I feel I could help with most of support as
I have encountered and dealt with many bugs on both windows and linux
installs on my own computer, and have the time to help.