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Hi guys... Normally I stay out of these discussions except for my occasional
rant.  However on this I have to say something here.  Nothing against the
effort... but offering Zondervan the SWORD-ready NIV really kind of goes
against the concept here.  We all know they'd shove a $40-$70 price tag on
it which would, yet again keep the Word of GOD out of the hands of the
computer-junky kids that can't afford bible software.  That in itself is a
disservice to the growth of the Body of Christ.  At the same token, sadly,
so would be NOT having the right to spread the Word of God.  I think
Zondervan simply needs to be made aware of the simple fact that they are
injuring the church in the name of Profit..  I'm not saying anything drastic
like boycotts or such.  That would only cause a public spectacle of
"disunity in the church" that the secularists out there would pounce on.  I
do however think a well-written letter campaign to companies and
organizations like Zondervan, Nelson, UBS, GBS explaining the immorality and
sheer audacity of their wrongful claims of copyrighting actual Scripture is.
There is not, nor has there ever been a legitimate Literary contract between
any given publisher or organization and Moses, Ruth, Daniel, Isaiah, John,
Matthew, or any other biblical writer giving these companies property of the
Word of GOD and the right to limit how many verses of any Scriptural Text
from Genesis 1 to Revelation 22.  I know for a FACT that GOD did not enter
into any exclusive literary deals with these companies.  It is not written
anywhere in the Word of GOD that "Zondervan, Nelson, GBS and UBS may procure
My Word.  And thou shalt not SPREAD My Word <as I have COMMANDED thee to do>
except that thou hast permission of  these appointed Proprietors of My
Word."  I dunno, maybe Thomas Nelson used his Bible Codes program and found
that Covenant in the Scriptures somewhere.  Or maybe it's in the Book of
Hesitations.  But until they can show me these original, divinely-signed
literary contracts I will continue to ignore their heretical property claims
to the text composing Genesis 1 - Revelation 22.  As for their commentaries,
footnotes, lexicons, etc.  Those are indeed individual intellectual
properties and thus are indeed copyright-enforceable.  Thus none of us
should presume to create modules of the work of scholar commentaries except
that they have permission from the author.  I have elaborated on this more
in-depth in an article I'm composing to send to these various companies... I
will send a draft out on a separate letter latter.
If we are following the command of GOD we are going out and making
"disciples of all nations" and spreading His Word to every corner of the
globe.  If we are doing true to this; we are "using our means to further the
Will of GOD".  These companies however are "using GOD to further their
means".  This is backwards.  It may be, in the eyes of the law to share the
word of GOD in a language each of us can understand.  But it is immoral for
these companies to petition the government to make it illegal.  When the
commands of my government conflict with the commands of GOD then it becomes
necessary to decide which master you will serve.  In this essence we are
just this side of being a "persecuted" nation.  You want to make profit?
Fine.  Greedy capitalist that I am I can understand.  But make it on the
materials, the ink, the leather, paper, presses, etc.  That is the idea of
business.  If you wish to make profit by hoarding and scrooging the Word of
GOD then you are more of a hindrance to the Body of Christ than a boon.  Go
start publishing porn or something and leave the Word to the Devout.
At any rate if you have addresses or emails or other contact information for
these various companies and organizations please send them so we can start
writing in.

May GOD bless and guide each of you.

In Christ Jesus,

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> You could offer them a copy of the Sword NIV ready for commercial
> distribution. (And what ever they need for encryption.) And let them know
> that they would be free to use it any way they want.
> Jerry

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