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Wed, 1 Dec 1999 16:50:59 -0800

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> Chris Little wrote:
> > > Mmmm...  Opinions!
> > >
> > > I once challenged a workmate to find a topic that i didn't have an
> > on.
> > > He gave up trying after a few minutes...
> > >
> > > ThML support would be good.  :-)  This would allow us to put much
> > content
> > > in modules.  See <http://ccel.org/ThML> for details.
> >
> > Been there, done that....
> > I have the ThML filters to & from our other standard formats completed,
> > just want to do some testing on them and haven't had time in the last
> > weeks to put together any ThML based modules.
> What do you _do_ all day?  :-)  I wish i had the kind of time to develop
> complex filters in my sleep while editing all of the Sword texts in my
> hours...  8^)

I'm a full time student at UC Berkeley, but only for a couple more weeks.  I
just finished my senior thesis a few hours ago, so I should actually be able
to start working on SWORD stuff again soon, like the thml filters and some
new modules (yay).  To answer your question though, normally I don't do much
of anything all day, but lately I've been swamped with schoolwork and trying
to have one of those ever-elusive social lives. :)

--Chris Little