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I would like to propose opening a new list: sword-support

The purpose for the list would be for some of you who have been around
for a while to join.  I will have all sword-feedback, sword-bugs,
etc., mail forwarded to the list and we can each have the opportunity to
reply to the many support messages each day that we get.  I can't seem
to keep up, and while trying, I have had no time to spend coding.

When responding we can 'Reply To All' so that our response will be sent
to the inquirer and the list to let us know that the message was

Any thoughts?  Would anyone be willing to participate?


PS. This forward is for Torsten or Joachim :)
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   I have installed and configured bibletime 2.0 the way you
reccommended in the install.
I am currently running Mandrake 6.1
here is what happens when I run what I think is the exe file.
please help me out as I am looking for a good scripture prog for linux.
thanks in advance.
Steve Strube

[root@24 bibletime]# /root/bibletime-0.2/bibletime/bibletime.kdelnk
/root/bibletime-0.2/bibletime/bibletime.kdelnk: [KDE: command not found
/root/bibletime-0.2/bibletime/bibletime.kdelnk: line 5: unexpected EOF
while looking for matching `''
/root/bibletime-0.2/bibletime/bibletime.kdelnk: line 18: syntax error:
unexpected end of file