[osis-core] mS/mE vs mID!

Todd Tillinghast osis-core@bibletechnologieswg.org
Fri, 30 May 2003 13:09:31 -0600


The more I try to like mID rather than mS/mE the more think we should
definitely use mS/mE.

It think if we are going to have something that is harder to use (I
still think that mS/mE is easier for the encoder, but you don't think
so) that it would be better to place that on the side of the encoder
rather than the document consumer.  Espically because encoders will
likely have specialized software designed to encode OSIS documents.  I
would hope that we would not create a standard that requires specialized
software for consumers to use the documents.

I was thinking of writing an XSLT transformation to check for balanced
mID pairs.  The interesting thing is that all you know is that you have
an element with an mID but you don't know if you should look forward or
backward to find the other half of the pair.  If you don't find it
forward you look backward if you don't find it either way you know that
you have an error.  So you have to process each mID twice and look
forward an backward for each occurrence.  Finally, if there is an error
you don't know which is missing.  With mS and mE it is a simple matter
of looking forward for each mS and backward for each mE.  I think that
mID is to complicated for the consumers of OSIS documents.  

Also, if we had mS and mE document consumers would have an opportunity
to be more resilient with an erroneously encoded document, because you
would know which marker you have.


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> Subject: [osis-core] <chapter> needs to be a child of <p> (and
> other elements.
> All,
> Because we are using <chapter/> as a milestone AND because chapters
> start in the middle of paragraphs <chapter> MUST be allowed to be the
> child of <p>.  This is case occurs once or twice per Bible, depending
> the translation.
> It also possible for a chapter to start in the middle of other
> Because these cases seem unlikely, I think we should ONLY allow
> <chapter> as a child of <p> for the current release.
> Adding <chapter> as a possible child of <p> will allow the following
> structure:
> <div type="book">
> 	<div type="section">
> 		<p>
> 			<chapter>
> 				<div>
> 				</div>
> 			</chapter>
> 		</p>
> 	</div>
> </div>
> Todd
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