[osis-core] Should we allow <divineName> in <catchWord>

Patrick Durusau osis-core@bibletechnologieswg.org
Tue, 13 May 2003 06:33:27 -0400

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Todd Tillinghast wrote:

>Currently <catchword> does not allow <divineName> as a child.  I have a
>case where LORD is a part of a <catchWord>.  
>Should we add <divineName> as a child of <catchword>.
Not sure why you would want to add <divineName> to <catchword>.

Tis true that the <divineName> occurs in the catchword but probably true 
that every other structure could possibly occur there as well, at least 
if you consider what is in the main text. The question to me revolves 
around what you consider to be the function of the <catchword> element. 
I see it as capturing the text string that appears in the main text as a 
prompt to the reader, an implied hyperlink if you like, as to what is 
being discussed. It is not meant to represent the structure of the text 
that appears in the main text.

Is the problem one of display? Actually <catchWord> lacks <hi>, which I 
think would be the better candidate to add to <catchWord> for such cases.

(current content model is: a <cid:part1.05090306.09010306@emory.edu> 
abbr <cid:part2.03060102.02060104@emory.edu> foreign 
<cid:part3.00090801.02000402@emory.edu> index 
<cid:part4.07070801.02040104@emory.edu> note 
<cid:part5.04030808.00080301@emory.edu> reference 
<cid:part6.04080806.02070003@emory.edu> seg 
<cid:part7.04010103.03090506@emory.edu> w 


>See the footnote of CEV 1Kgs.8.62.
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