[osis-core] line w/i verse encoding

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Fri, 29 Nov 2002 13:48:34 -0700

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There was conversation at one point regarding the fact that it seems a
little bulky to put a verse element in every <l> element AND for most
<verse> elements in Psalms to be split across two <l> elements.  The
conclusion was to leave it bulky.  In most cases there is more than
<verse> in a <lg> so the entire <lg> cannot be contained within the

Attached is an example from the Psalms 1.

(Old header style used, still no resolution there.)


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Subject: [osis-core] line w/i verse encoding

In situations where I have lines of poetry breaking within a verse, how
I encode with OSIS?

<l> must be within <lg>, which in turn may be in various things like <p>

or <div> but not <verse>.  <verse> may be within <l> but not vice versa.

Is this intentional (in which case, how should poetry be encoded that 
breaks lines within a verse) or an oversight?


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<?xml version=3D"1.0" encoding=3D"UTF-8"?>=0D<?xml-stylesheet =
type=3D"text/xsl" href=3D"SimpleOSIS_1.1ToHTML.xsl"?>=0D<osisCorpus =
xmlns:xsi=3D"http://www.w3.org/2000/10/XMLSchema-instance" =
xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation=3D"osisCore.1.1.1.xsd">=0D<osisText =
osisIDWork=3D"tev" osisRefWork=3D"bible">=0D<header>=0D<work =
osisWork=3D"bible">=0D<identifier =
type=3D"OSIS">Bible</identifier>=0D</work>=0D<work =
osisWork=3D"tev">=0D<identifier =
le>Old Testament</title>=0D<div>=0D<title>Poetry</title>=0D<div =
type=3D"book" osisID=3D"Ps">=0D<title> Psalms</title>=0D<div =
osisRef=3D"Ps.1.1-Ps.3.8">=0D<div osisRef=3D"Ps.1.1-Ps.3.8">=0D<title =
type=3D"head">BOOK ONE </title>=0D<div osisID=3D"Ps.1">=0D<title =
type=3D"head">True Happiness</title>=0D<q =
type=3D"blockQuote">=0D<lg>=0D<l>=0D<verse osisID=3D"Ps.1.1" =
splitID=3D"Ps.1.1">Happy are those</verse>=0D</l>=0D<l>=0D<verse =
osisID=3D"Ps.1.1" splitID=3D"Ps.1.1">who reject the advice of evil =
people,</verse>=0D</l>=0D<l>=0D<verse osisID=3D"Ps.1.1" =
splitID=3D"Ps.1.1">who do not follow the example of =
sinners</verse>=0D</l>=0D<l>=0D<verse osisID=3D"Ps.1.1" =
splitID=3D"Ps.1.1">or join those who have no use for =
God.</verse>=0D</l>=0D<l>=0D<verse osisID=3D"Ps.1.2" =
splitID=3D"Ps.1.2">Instead, they find joy in obeying the Law of the =
<divineName =
type=3D"yhwh">LORD</divineName>,</verse>=0D</l>=0D<l>=0D<verse =
osisID=3D"Ps.1.2" splitID=3D"Ps.1.2">and they study it day and =
night.</verse>=0D</l>=0D<l>=0D<verse osisID=3D"Ps.1.3" =
splitID=3D"Ps.1.3">=0D<note type=3D"x-crossReference" =
osisRef=3D"Ps.1.3-Ps.1.3">=0D<note type=3D"x-link">=0D<reference =
osisRef=3D"Jer.17.8"/>=0D</note>=0D</note> They are like trees that grow =
beside a stream,</verse>=0D</l>=0D<l>=0D<verse osisID=3D"Ps.1.3" =
splitID=3D"Ps.1.3">that bear fruit at the right =
time,</verse>=0D</l>=0D<l>=0D<verse osisID=3D"Ps.1.3" =
splitID=3D"Ps.1.3">and whose leaves do not dry =
up.</verse>=0D</l>=0D<l>=0D<verse osisID=3D"Ps.1.3" =
splitID=3D"Ps.1.3">They succeed in everything they =
do.</verse>=0D</l>=0D</lg>=0D</q>=0D<q =
type=3D"blockQuote">=0D<lg>=0D<l>=0D<verse osisID=3D"Ps.1.4" =
splitID=3D"Ps.1.4">But evil people are not like this at =
all;</verse>=0D</l>=0D<l>=0D<verse osisID=3D"Ps.1.4" =
splitID=3D"Ps.1.4">they are like straw that the wind blows =
away.</verse>=0D</l>=0D<l>=0D<verse osisID=3D"Ps.1.5" =
splitID=3D"Ps.1.5">Sinners will be condemned by =
God</verse>=0D</l>=0D<l>=0D<verse osisID=3D"Ps.1.5" =
splitID=3D"Ps.1.5">and kept apart from God's own =
people.</verse>=0D</l>=0D<l>=0D<verse osisID=3D"Ps.1.6" =
splitID=3D"Ps.1.6">The righteous are guided and protected by the =
<divineName =
type=3D"yhwh">LORD</divineName>,</verse>=0D</l>=0D<l>=0D<verse =
osisID=3D"Ps.1.6" splitID=3D"Ps.1.6">but the evil are on the way to =
their =