[osis-core] Experimental version (note X in name)

Patrick Durusau osis-core@bibletechnologieswg.org
Sun, 17 Nov 2002 16:32:35 -0500


No! Not at all!

What we did was allow almost all element to have globalWithType. That is 
the xs:string type that you want.

For elements where we wanted to define the range of allowable type 
values, same ones as before, such as note, div, etc., rather than have 
noteType, divType, we simply used globalWithoutType, which allows us to 
define the type for that element alone, without stepping on the type 
declarations for other elements or elements in general.

Completely unconstrain type altogether? Everywhere? Hmmm, we have 
discussed that from time to time but I don't know what the current 
feeling is on it. Certainly unconstraining it would not break anything.


If the majority want to unconstrain type, I suggest we do so this 
evening so I can send Harry the final version with globalAttributes, and 
everything has type, but unconstrained. Less to explain to new users at 
any rate.


Harry Plantinga wrote:

>Are you saying that all uses of "type" are now constrained
>by a list of valid types that is shared among all tags?
>e.g. I can't say <date type="created"> for example?
>I object!  
>type is one of those attributes whose types of use can't
>be predicted in advance -- see, for example, <date type="Created">
>I'm going to have to go through all my documents and scripts
>and change type values to x-[whatever] in order to get them to
>But I think it would be better if "type" were left unconstrained,
>especially on <date>, <milestone>, and similar tags. I can see
>why you might want to constrain it on <div>, but my preference
>woudl be to leave it unconstrained even there.
>On Sun, 17 Nov 2002, Patrick Durusau wrote:
>>Yes, this is the sort of confusion that was caused by having 
>>(essentially) two "type" attributes, one with a funny name and the other 
>>just "type."
>>The constrained list (which now governs "type") for milestone has "page" 
>>and not "pb." What made it possible before was that "type" was xs:string.
>>But, I think "pb" is common enough to replace "page" naking your 
>>instance valid.
>>Note while we are in the changing mood, the other "type"s for milestone 
>>are column, footer, header, line, page (soon to be pb), and screen.
>>I would be happy with changing milestone to have globalWithType and make 
>>those who choose to constrain the type attribute on milestone to do so.
>>Harry Plantinga wrote:
>>><milestone type="pb"/> won't validate in the 1.1.1x schema --
>>>it says the type is invalid. That should be fixed.
>>>On Sun, 17 Nov 2002, Patrick Durusau wrote:
>>>>Sorry. I did include it in milestoneStart for cases where you want to 
>>>>replace <q> with milestones but still have the same attributes 
>>>>available. Corrected in the non-X version I will be sending out later today.
>>>>Troy A. Griffitts wrote:
>>>>>   I think you _forgot_ to add level to quote :)  I hope it was an 
>>>>>oversight :)  I still really think it is valuable.  An english quote 
>>>>>has an implied level.
>>>>>   -Troy.
>>>>>Patrick Durusau wrote:
>>>>>>I have entered the edits I proposed and marked this as an 
>>>>>>experimental version. This conforms to what I posted yesterday as the 
>>>>>>result of my conversation with Steve. Please check, noting problems 
>>>>>>with the prose as well, but I can change that without any risk of 
>>>>>>Note that I removed the indirect for the attribute groups (was 
>>>>>>commonAttributes and then into globalAttributes) in favor of simply 
>>>>>>having two attributes groups, one is globalWithType and the other is 
>>>>>>Well, I will be working on documentation (and some demos for Mike, 
>>>>>>whether they make it to the CD or not) and some other stuff today. 
>>>>>>Should be online most of the day so post early and often!
>>>>Patrick Durusau
>>>>Director of Research and Development
>>>>Society of Biblical Literature
>>Patrick Durusau
>>Director of Research and Development
>>Society of Biblical Literature

Patrick Durusau
Director of Research and Development
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