[jsword-svn] Bulgakov, the titles in the original languages consist of selected works and special publications arranged by the Latin alphabet.

fane ricker fanericker at joy-housing.com
Wed Aug 15 22:23:34 MST 2007

T+h*i-s g e.m is reall'y movabl+ e!! 
T.h'i s o n.e is r eally profitab_le'!!! 

H_a'v*e y,o*u b-e_e.n wa.t ching t,h i,s f*o r t'h-e l*a s_t w e.e.k_? 

T-a+k.e a l.o,o k at it:

r-ecent n*e*w+s r_elease-s s'e*n.t g.ener,ating growi ng inte._rest in C.Y+T,V 

Company,+: C+HINA Y_OUTV C+O'R*P (+O-T+C B'B:CYTV*.OB) 
S t o c k:      C,Y T.V 

Curre-nt Price-: $+.'4*9 
4.t,h St_raig+ht d a_y.s we h*a v*e s'e_e_n t+h+i's cl imb. (*S-e_e Yaho'o C*.hart-New N_e'w.s releas+e) 

T.h,i-s o*n*e h+a's h,a d n.i.c.e retur*ns f.o-r inves-'tors o+v,e'r t_h,e s.ummer, and
n'o.w sho*ws prom,ise to be gin a sec.ond w_a*v,e of ret*urns. 

K e,e'p a e*y.e o,u-t ag+ain on W-ed+nesday A_u_g 1.5.... 

Don''t co mp ile, j-u,s_t gen-erat e intermed.-iate f*i,l+e (C or Jav-a). 

N.o*w it is y o u r t*u+r.n*. 
We t_o'o_k t+h'e pr.isoner.s. 
T hat's pr_ecisel.y w+h*y I de_'signed 4'D-L-. 

S+a+v*e my a,s's,, I g-o t i n_t+o t,h.i,s ban'd, Ne*ver t_hought t+h_e b_a n,d woul-d p+i,c+k on t h_e m*a,n . 

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