[jsword-devel] HTTP module installer

Mark Goodwin goodwinster at gmail.com
Wed Aug 18 03:14:10 MST 2004

I spent a couple of hours last night looking at the possibility of
making an HTTP installer.

I plan to put together an initial version that looks at the mods.d.gz
file at http://www.crosswire.org/ftpmirror/pub/sword/raw/mods.d.tar.gz
(as the FTP installer does at  the moment), then gets a file listing
page from http://www.crosswire.org/ftpmirror/pub/sword/packages/rawzip/
before parsing out filenames, matching them to module names (where
possible) and downloading the module ZIPs.

This will work, and should be more reliable than FTP (at least until
someone disables directory listings on the webserver), but offends my
sense of elegance.  In the long term, I think it would be good to have
some kind of module server (I think we've discussed this on list
before). Can anyone think of a better short-term option?


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