[Ichthux-devel] please help

Nigel Chapman nigel at chapman.id.au
Mon Nov 6 12:36:40 MST 2006

Hi William,

I've no idea what the issue is, but it seems:

(1) you firstly need to reconfigure your system to dual boot (with say, 
Ubuntu or Knoppix on the second partition) so that this kind of thing 
doesn't represent a problem for you in the future.

(2) Depending on your technical aptitude, a Live CD of either could be 
used for diagnosis here. There are plenty on magazine covers at your 
local newsagent, most likely.

(3) Whether you take that option or not, you need to reinstall; this 
will either solve your problem or show that it is repeatable. The 
problem could have been something as simple as having caps-lock down 
when entering your password, from what you've said. A reinstall should 
tell you, if you're not familiar with any way to reset it without a 

Grace + peace,


William Brown wrote:

> Please help me I have installed ICTHUX on a HP Omnibook 4150 after 
> install it boots only to sign in screen i sign in and it comes back up 
> again and again it will not go to desktop even restarted Xserver same 
> deal back to sign in went to console nowat bill at godstand2:~$ 
> <mailto:bill at godstand2:%7E$>  I did su root Password the password for 
> bill  Authentication failure what gives here please brothers help it 
> is the latest Version you have.It Also was so slow when used live CD.:{(
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