[bt-devel] New BibleTime Frontend Proposal

Konstantin Maslyuk kostyamaslyuk at gmail.com
Fri Apr 12 12:54:29 MST 2013

Hi, all.

There is really BibleTime Mini version for Android. Currently we have  
packages for Windows Mobile, Windows Desktop, Android, MeeGo and Symbian  
Anna (unstable). Development stage is at developing release candidate.

Gary Holmlund <gary.holmlund at gmail.com> писал(а) в своём письме Fri, 12  
Apr 2013 22:00:26 +0400:

> On 04/12/2013 08:29 AM, Peter von Kaehne wrote:
>> *>Von:* "Gary Holmlund" <gary.holmlund at gmail.com>
>> *>An:* bt-devel at crosswire.org
>> >> However, there's already the BibleTime Mini effort. Is there a
>> >> relation to that?
>> >I don't think so. BibleTime Mini is still Qt Widget based so it won't
>> >work with the new Qt Android/IOS support. It is targeted at the Windows
>> >Mobile 5.0 phones which is getting old.
>> I have Bibletime Mini on my Android. It was a bit of a long process to
>> get installed, it pulled up a huge Qt library in, but it runs fine.
>> There are lots of issues with it - but none which I think can not be
>> overcome.

The most problem is the lack of community, i have several good reviews,  
but no one critical. So i know that there is a lot of issues but cant  
decide what to fix before release, because i'm pleased with it by my self.

Qt libraries could be packaged with apk if necessary.

> Peter,
> Good to know that. Is it released on Android or in development?
> I do think that a frontend using Qt5 QML is a good idea. It  could be
> compiled for Android, IOS, and Windows 8 touch as well as our current
> platforms (linux, windows, mac).

I do not want to discourage any effort, i simply do not know why many  
people so much love QML and realy would like to see what is possible to do  
with this technology. All my experience with it was on Windows Mobile and  
it had poor performance on my device.

As for me another good point is BibleTime for Tablets. It was easy to port  
Mini on Android, i think, to port Desktop would be also easy task. If so i  
need not to take care about tablets with Mini.

I only think about better integration between Mini <-> Desktop BibleTime:  
finishing of Bt core code refactoring cycle and maybe usage of portions of  
Mini code in Desktop.

And finally, why we care of sales? For example, there is still large  
amount of devices run on Symbian and afaik Sword can not suggest for this  


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