[bt-devel] Bug with display of Hebrew in 2.9

Benjamin Misja alvanx at googlemail.com
Thu Dec 22 14:04:34 MST 2011


from following this mailing list, I had been under the impression that 
bugs.bibletime.info would be the new bug tracker. Is this correct? 

I'm just surprised because I posted a bug I found in 2.9 that I would consider 
pretty bad and there has been no reply to it - and BT 2.9.1 has just been 
released and it hasn't been fixed. Has my report been noticed? 

The bug was that Hebrew text is not displayed right to left in BibleTime 2.9, 
but the letters are displayed in a left to right order: 

If you know Hebrew, this makes any Hebrew module impossible to use - and I 
imagine it also applies to any other RTL alphabet like the Arabic one. 

Thanks and God bless! 

Ben Misja

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