[bt-devel] Release schedule for next version of BibleTime

Martin Gruner mg.pub at gmx.net
Sun Dec 4 07:06:57 MST 2011

Hi Jaak,

congratulations and all the best wishes for you two from me as well. :D

I don't agree with your proposal. 6 Months is already very long. I'm
sure that other people will work on stuff, so that we could create a
release even if it does not contain many big changes. "Release early,
release often."

Given that I don't contribute to the code myself currently, my opinion
certainly has no big weight though. ;)

Best regards, mg

Am 03.12.11 00:09, schrieb Jaak Ristioja:
> Hi!
> With the release of BibleTime 2.9 coming within a week, I'd like to
> discuss the near-time future of BibleTime regarding the next release.
> For 2.9, we originally planned a 6-month release schedule, but we had to
> extend it to span a year. This was mostly due to the lack of manpower in
> our project, as far as I'm currently been able to see it.
> The lack of time to work on BibleTime (read: the lack of sleep due to
> work on BibleTime) has also hit me hard. In 2012, from January to
> mid-summer I will not able to work on BibleTime due to personal
> arrangements related to a very special cute young christian woman. I
> could only spare an hour a week or something like that.
> I propose that we extend the development period for 6 months, but still
> try to release 2.10 next December. We'll continue supporting 2.9, and
> perhaps also release a few 2.10_alpha versions.
> All current, former and new developers, please feel free to express your
> opinion on this! Thanks.
> God bless,
> Jaak
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