[bt-devel] Fwd: Re: [Linux4christians] Sword Project personal commentary question

Raoul Snyman raoul.snyman at saturnlaboratories.co.za
Mon Mar 22 06:25:53 MST 2010


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Subject: Re: [Linux4christians] Sword Project personal commentary question
Date: Monday 22 March 2010
From: Eddy Martin <hpp3 at lavabit.com>
To: Linux for Christians <linux4christians at thelinuxlink.net>

On 03/21/2010 07:44 PM, Eddy Martin wrote:
> Does anybody know how the Sword Project personal commentary module is 
> supposed to work?
> I assumed that you just load it up and edit the entry for that chapter 
> and verse, but it doesn't do anything of the sort.
> Do I need to edit it 'offline' somehow?

Never mind, I figured it out.
In BibleTime, just right click on the Personal Commentary in the menu on 
the left and select 'Edit'.
Am I alone in thinking this is not very intuitive?
Well, at least I know a little more than I knew before.


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