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Category: Frontend
Group: BibleTime 2.x
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Priority: 5
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Submitted By: Wolfgang Stradner (ewst)
Assigned to: Nobody/Anonymous (nobody)
Summary: Handbook/Manual: Some observations

Initial Comment:
In BT 2.0 used in Ubuntu 9.04:

Manual/hdbk-op.html#hdbk-op-overview: Picture
The picture is from BT 1.7: e.g.  tabs: Bookshelf/Bookmarks are in a different position.

Manual/hdbk-op.html#hdbk-op-overview: Bookmark
There is no mentioning of the bookmarks in this section.

Manual/hdbk-op-parts.html#hdbk-op-parts-bookshelf/Editing your own commentary
workand -> work and

Manual/hdbk-op-search.html/Accessing the search dialog
Bookshelfand -> Bookshelf and

Manual/hdbk-op-search.html/Search configuration
Pictures are slightly different (e.g. Search dialog: right upper side in title dialog title)

When you hover over then, -> When you hover over them,
View → Show Bookmarks: is missing

'Search → Search in open work(s) (CtrlO)
Opens the Search Dialog to search in all open works. More works can be added in the Search Dialog.'
As works can also be removed by this tool:
-> More works can be added or some chosen ones removed in the Search Dialog.

As there are different search tools in BT, and as those are explained in the manual
-> build a link to the section: Searching in works (in Program operation)

Manual/Reference/hdbk-reference.html:Toobars description?
Checking out the HotKeys index, there is a description of thow to move forward/back(ward) in the history of read windows.
But there is no description how to do this by using the mouse.
Finally I found, that this tool is built into the individual toolbars of works
-> Add to the section (5.) Reference a subsection: Toolbar reference, where you describe:
- common toolbar tools (which are existing for all kind of works
- additional toolbar tools (which are only there for some kind of works)


>Comment By: Wolfgang Stradner (ewst)
Date: 2009-05-30 11:47


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