[bt-devel] gnome-doc-utils requirement silently added?

Jonathan Marsden jmarsden at fastmail.fm
Sun May 3 21:44:40 MST 2009

In svn r1268 the svn log says:

 - Remove reference to KDE, noticed by Greg Hellings

However, this revision also silently added gnome-doc-utils as a
developer requirement to the README.

(1) Is gnome-doc-utils required to build BibleTime from source now?

(2) Where specifically are those utilities being used, and when (which
svn revision) did this change happen?  I'm guessing somewhere after
r1242, since 2.0 beta2 builds OK for me without that package present.

Packagers (and developers in general) need to be made aware of such
things -- I may need to add gnome-doc-utils to the Build-Depends: line
of the BibleTime debian/control file :)

In general, I think it would be good to highlight any change to the
software needed to build BibleTime in an email on bt-devel, and in the
svn log.  If that happened, and I somehow missed it, my apologies!



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