[bt-devel] The future of development and DVCS

kbs k486 at digizip.com
Sat Dec 5 08:40:34 MST 2009

* Eeli Kaikkonen <eekaikko at mail.student.oulu.fi> wrote on [2009/12/05 09:12]:
> Bandwidth is cheap here (0 euros, 100Mbit) but I still appreciate
> trimmed replys. It's not just bandwidth but also clarity and
> readability.


> Bigox has worried about the "web of trust". I don't think it affects 
> us

I'm not worried about it because I see it as a feature.   If we don't 
move over to something that is not centralized, we will need more code 
review on what is checked in.  I know this is potentially sensitive, 
especially when there is differing opinion on the quality of the code.  
The good thing with a web of trust is that people can be selective with 
what they merge into their local branches.  The bad thing is that one 
person must be picked to have the branch that is released.

Right now, there is no branching and questionable code is being checked 
into the trunk.  When class interfaces are changed in the trunk without 
any discussion, there will be major headaches for the other volunteer 
developers who are already busy as it is.  Encapsulation is my friend.  
With a distributed system, we can ignore bad code without having to 
reject someone from a commit to the trunk; thus they are not offended.  
Also, the code might just be incompatible due to a drastic refactoring 
or code rewrite.  At least the local code is being version-controlled 
for the sake of the programmer.

Maybe Eeli and I can start a bzr repository on SF and used it as a 
testbed (with anyone else who is interested) and we will treat the SVN 
repo (either trunk or a 2.5 branch) as another user.  I confess fear of 


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